Order Fulfillment Example

Order Fulfillment Microservices Example #

Order Fulfillment

In Chapter 7 and 8, there is this example that shows various microservices interacting to fulfill a customer’s order. You can understand that there does not need to be any central orchestration and every microservice might include some process logic. Furthermore, you can also compare the solution approach to a pure event-based choreography.

Order Fulfillment on GitHub

Stack #

It used the following stack:

  • Camunda Platform / Camunda Cloud (both is available in sub folders)
  • Java & Spring Boot
  • Apache Kafka

Alternative Approach to Microservices Orchestration #

As described in Chapter 6 (“Using The Workflow Engine As Communication Channel”) you can also use the workflow engine itself as communication channel between microservices, even if that might not always be a good idea (as discussed in the book in more detail). In this variant, there is no Apache Kafka.

A workflow engine as communication channel

This Order Fulfillment Example on GitHub shows an executable example using Camunda Cloud.