About #

Decision model and notation (DMN) is a standard provided by the OMG. There are many good resources available to learn more about it. You find some recommendations on this page. If you miss anything or know of any valuable resource that is not listed, don’t hesitate to give feedback or open a pull request for this page (click on the edit this page button at the bottom of the page).

You can find the current version of the specification as PDF file on the OMG page about DMN. Note that is is absolutely not necessary to read through the specification when you want to apply DMN in real-life!

Books #

Info Comment
Real-Life BPMN Real-Life BPMN by Jakob Freund, Bernd Ruecker, rated 4.4 of 5 stars, find it on Amazon This book has a brief introduction to DMN that might be sufficient to get started. Go for this, if you want learn about BPMN and DMN.
DMN Method and Style DMN Method and Style by Bruce Silver, rated 5 of 5 stars, find it on Amazon An elaborate introduction to DMN.

Modeling Tools #

This section lists tools that help you create DMN models. Refer to the tools page for a curated list of tools that can also execute DMN models.

As biased as I am, I want to highlight the tool I use on a daily basis and that also helped me to create all models in the book:

  • Camunda Modeler: Free desktop modeler allowing you to model BPMN and DMN saving them as standard compliant XML files.

And it is worth to check out:

  • DMN Simulator: An online simulator to play around with DMN decision models.

Tutorials #

Get Started Guides To Execute Models #

There is more to come, but for the time being:

  • Camunda DMN Get Started: Model your first DMN process, download the Camunda Platform and deploy it there to evaluate decisions.

Training Courses #

Being an adopted standard means, that there are many DMN courses available. Depending on your location, there might be localized trainings available.

Once again, I can only give my biased recommendation to the trainings my company Camunda provides. These ones I teached myself and know that they are really good. I actually never attended any other DMN training (as there weren’t any when I started).

Improve This Page! #

Please let me know if you know of any other great resource I should add here!